The rights of Egyptians are in your hands: Al-Sisi to members of Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi affirmed on Saturday that the rights of Egyptians are entrusted to the judiciary, which has a responsibility to achieve justice, social peace, security, and stability.

He continued that this is a fundamental pillar in the progress of nations, noting that the state is keen on the independence of the judiciary and non-interference in its affairs as a fixed approach, and always seeks to develop and modernise it and strengthen its capabilities to be an advanced judicial system.

This came during the president’s meeting on Saturday with members of the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies and entities in the presence of Minister of Justice Omar Marwan.

Furthermore, Al-Sisi stressed the importance of preserving the prestige of the judiciary in form and substance, paying attention to the courts’ headquarters and developing the tools for working in them.

He also emphasised the need to pay attention to developing awareness and continuous development to expand perceptions to form a modern judge with a great deal of knowledge and awareness.

The meeting came within the framework of the celebration of the ancient Egyptian Judiciary Day, which was approved by the state in appreciation of the role played by judicial authorities and bodies in consolidating and protecting constitutional principles and upholding the rule of law.

For their part, the members of the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies expressed their gratitude for the president’s keenness to meet with them in the framework of the celebration of Judiciary Day.

They also noted that this represents the great interest that the Egyptian state gives to the judicial system, stressing that they will continue to work in the context of consolidating the principles of justice and the application of the law because of its importance in building and developing society and achieving equality among all members of society.

This is in addition to upholding the nation’s interest over any other considerations within the framework of the new republic that inaugurates the values ​​of truth and justice and establishes the rule of law.

Furthermore, the judges reviewed the measures that were taken to expedite the completion of cases and requests to reach the stage of complete justice, as well as the procedures for technical development in all judicial bodies in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to implement the automation of the entire judicial system.

For his part, Marwan explained that the judiciary during the era of President Al- Sisi witnessed unprecedented interest, appreciation, and development, and that there are hopes that have been achieved for the judicial system, the most important of which is the appointment of female judges and the honouring of distinguished practitioners of the law, praising the state’s interest in developing the judiciary of the New Republic.

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