Cleopatra Group to open Sky Hospital Fifth Settlement by June 2023

Fatma Salah
2 Min Read

Cleopatra Hospitals Group aims to open a new hospital, Sky Fifth Settlement, by June 2023.

Ahmed Ezz, the company’s managing director, told Daily News Egypt that the new hospital will have a capacity of 200 beds, and will provide all medical services, in addition to an oncology unit in cooperation with Alfa Cure Oncology Centers.

Cleopatra Hospitals Group signed a cooperation agreement in the field of oncology treatment with Alfa Cure, which contributes to providing all diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and complementary services to the oncology patient, stressing the group’s interest in reaching a treatment journey and a better quality of life for its customers.

He added that the agreement is a culmination of the efforts of Cleopatra Hospitals Group to provide the best service and health care to its customers, and to provide high-quality medical services, and one of the group’s most important tools was to maximize cooperation with major specialized centres for oncology treatment, especially Alfa Cure.

He said that Cleopatra Hospitals Group has been keen from the beginning to cooperate with major authorities, institutions, bodies and specialized medical centres in order to provide an outstanding model of healthcare to its customers.

He pointed out that the company is working to expand its business in West and East Cairo.

The consolidated financial statements of Cleopatra Hospital Company revealed that the company recorded profits of EGP 176.47m from January to June, while the group achieved revenues of EGP 1.24bn.

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