CIB launches the Differently Abled programme

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The Commercial International Bank (CIB) — Egypt’s leading private sector bank —recently launched a brand-new initiative created by CIB Learning & Development under the name ‘Qader bi Ikthilaaf’ or the ‘Differently Abled’ Programme.

The initiative is in line with Egypt’s 2030 Vision and the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) directives and legislations that promote the inclusion of differently abled graduates in the workforce and equipping them with the skills they need to navigate the workplace.

The initiative is part of the bank’s commitment to youth development, empowering differently abled graduates, and bridging the gap between academic studies and labour market requirements.

The CIB designed and delivered the programme with the support of a consortium of training partners, associates of success, CBE experts, qualified trainers from the Egyptian Banking Institute, and facilitators from well-known vendors in the Egyptian market — namely Training Hub, Quest for Human development, Skills Bank, Red Rock International, and Dynamic International.

The programme combines knowledge acquisition and application through the help of internal CIB trainers and guest speakers who shared their experiences at CIB, widening the delegates experience and knowledge base on multidimensional work arenas, ranging from the financial sector, banking, sector as well as services sector.

The programme is split into two parts, each of which caters to different disabilities — one for graduates with mobility disabilities, which involves training courses over a period of one month on the CIB training premises (over 140 training hours), and another for graduates with visual disabilities, which involves content and material in Braille and in audio format.

62 participants enrolled in the programme, 60 of which have managed to successfully complete its with its related assessment and graduation requirements.

The CIB was keen about ensuring a unique experience that is tailored to the attendees, paying special attention to the needs of each participant and cooperating with civil society associations — such Al-Korra Foundation for Sustainable Development and Noor Al-baseera for Blind Care — to gain the needed insight into means of accommodating participants’ needs and aspirations.

The bank believes that the programme will help facilitate the inclusion of differently abled individuals into the labour force, unleash the capabilities and potential of participants, and equip them with the required skills and knowledge they need to help build a better future.

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