MSMEDA, e-commerce platforms to market the products of youths

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The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (MSMEDA) — in cooperation with Amazon Egypt and Jumia — is offering exceptional advantages to owners of small projects to display and market their products through these platforms.

The platforms will provide them with a reduced commission compared to other projects, as well as the possibility of storing their products for a year at no additional cost.

Project owners are also trained through the MSMEDA on how to register their projects in these platforms and manage their accounts properly, in addition to providing a specialised technical team to support them after creating the account and helping them solve any problems they face during implementation.

This comes as a continuation of the integrated support the MSMEDA provides to project owners in marketing their products, using modern and electronic means, and helping them expand sales and promotion of their projects through e-marketing, which ensures their ability to continue and expand their activities.

According to a statement by the agency, owners of medium, small, and micro enterprises who have a commercial registry and a tax card and specialise in clothing, leather, furniture, food, electrical tools, and medical and electronic devices can benefit from this service.

This service can be taken advantage of by applying to the nearest MSMEDA branch in the governorate in which the project is located and providing the required data.

In the same context, the agency provides training courses for various project owners to develop their skills in and knowledge of e-marketing, including clarifying the concept of e-commerce and e-marketing mechanisms, how to choose the appropriate marketing channel for the nature of the project, creating pages on various social media sites, and managing ad campaigns successfully.

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