Government approves rules for photographing in public places

Sarah El-Sheikh
2 Min Read

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly issued on Wednesday new regulations regarding the rules for personal photography in public places.

The new regulations allow Egyptians, foreigners, residents, and tourists to take photos in public places without requiring permits or payment of fees.

They also allow personal photography using all types of traditional and digital cameras, as well as personal video cameras.

However, taking photos of and building or properties owned by the government and/or other authorities without a permit remains strictly prohibited.

Furthermore, the regulations affirmed that personal photography should be without prejudice to the provisions of the relevant laws and are prohibited from being circulated in the event that the captured content offends the country, its citizens, or violates public morals, emphasising that photographers should not take photos of children or citizens without their written consent.

It is worth noting that any cameras being used for the purpose of film or television making, or to create content for media, journalism, or advertising purposes still requires obtaining a permit beforehand.

However, the PM did stress during Wednesday’s meeting that all efforts will be exerted to facilitate the acquisition of any such permits. He also emphasised the importance of announcing the general rules of photography clearly and in several languages at all relevant government gates, embassies, airports, and other entry points to ensure that all parties are aware of them.

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