Leaders of Libya’s armed groups, militias meet to prevent resumption of clashes

Sami Hegazi
1 Min Read

Several leaders of Libyan armed groups and militias convened in the capital Tripoli on Wednesday, in an attempt to prevent the resumption of clashes between rival forces.

The meeting included commanders from Tripoli, Misrata, Zawiya, and Zintan. They reached an agreement in principle on the withdrawal of all military forces from conflicted zones in west Tripoli. The participants also agreed not to be dragged to fighting, and to meet again next week.

Tripoli has experienced security tension due to military mobilizations by a number of armed groups, following the fierce clashes that resulted in 18 deaths and injuries last week.

The clashes in Tripoli caused widespread public anger. The residents of the capital demanded the removal of the headquarters of armed formations from the city.

The United Nations Special Adviser on Libya Stephanie Williams condemned these confrontations, stressing that the use of weapons in civilian areas is “a serious violation of international humanitarian law and a crime punishable by law.”

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