What Can You Do When Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled?

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Flight cancellations and delays are almost inevitable today and any frequent traveller would probably have stories to tell. However, no matter how frequent this might have become today, it shouldn’t be the norm, as it causes great inconvenience to the passenger. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, this article will guide you on what to do. 

Expect a Notification From the Airline

Airlines are expected to notify air passengers of any possible flight disruption and this is usually the first step to guide you on your next steps. However, in many cases, passengers don’t get notified on time. If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, check for notifications. The notification would often include the reason for the disruption and possible rescheduling dates. While booking your flight, always ensure you include valid contact information — telephone number or email address. If you were notified less than 14 days before the departure date, it means you were notified late and may be entitled to some compensation.

Find Out the Cause of the Delay or Cancellation

Common reasons why your flight could get delayed or cancelled include bad weather conditions, bird strikes, mechanical issues, air traffic control restrictions, and security threats, among others. Whatever the reason may be, you should be aware. This is sometimes included in the notification from the airline if you got any. Alternatively, you can contact the airline or ask the front desk agent at the airport what the cause of the disruption might be. If the reason was well within the airline’s control, you might be entitled to some compensation for the inconvenience caused. 

Know Your Rights

The EU 261/2004 regulation, also known as the flight cancellation compensation, is a European law that protects the rights of air passengers. When faced with severe flight disruptions like a delay of more than three hours or flight cancellation, this law protects you. Under this law, you may be entitled to compensation of as much as €250 to €600. If your flight is delayed for over two hours, you are entitled to the right to care, which includes free food and drinks. A flight delay of over 5 hours or a flight cancellation means you are entitled to a free flight rescheduling. Knowing your rights makes it easier to exercise them when the time is right.

Take Action

Now that you know your rights, it is time to take action and get compensated for the inconvenience caused. Gater all relevant documents and kickstart the process of getting your delayed or cancelled flight compensation. As long as you have a valid booking ticket and your flight takes off from an EU airport or lands in one (while headquartered in the EU), you are eligible for compensation under the EC 261 law.

Bottom Line

If your flight gets delayed or cancelled, contact the airline as soon as possible and get started on filing a compensation claim. For a seamless process and more guaranteed results, hire a lawyer or go through agencies like Flightright. 

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