TMG begins construction on Noor… Egypt’s first green smart city in eastern Cairo

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Talaat Mostafa Group (TMG) has begun construction work on its second largest project in eastern Cairo, Noor City, which is located in front of the New Administrative Capital (NAC).

Noor is a unique model for modern and futuristic housing with its advanced technologies that take into account the highest international standards in smart and sustainable city planning.

Noor, which extends over an area of ​​5,000 feddans in east Cairo — the first axis of development in Egypt — embodies the future vision of the group, which succeeded over the past decades in creating a different urban pattern in eastern Cairo following a series of studies conducted in the mid-nineties that stressed that urban expansion and population growth will go in an easterly direction, which prompted the group to adopt a future strategic plan to expand eastward and build residential communities with integrated services.

The first experiences were in 1996, when Al-Rehab was launched as the first integrated residential city with services located outside the traditional urban space in Cairo.

After that, TMG further developed the concept of urban development based on the reconstruction of the desert and its transformation into vibrant communities.

In 2006, TMG decided to reproduce its first experience with Al-Rehab, but on a larger level; and from there came Madinaty — the first international city on Egyptian soil and the group’s largest project on an area of ​​8,000 feddans, where international urban planning offices were used to set a model in a new city.

Its goal was exclusivity and distinction, taking into account the diversity of the population in its choices and tastes and providing it with all services in a planned and thoughtful manner to meet all their needs.

Al-Rehab and Madinaty succeeded in achieving the vision of TMG in building cities that were ahead of their time and increasing their value with the passage of years.

Rather, these projects became the first choice for customers, especially in light of the group’s exceptional efficiency in management and operation, in addition to its superior capabilities in implementing periodic maintenance operations that preserve the value of the property and the elements of the city.

This is in parallel with the integration of services provided while maintaining privacy standards so that the group’s projects become a destination for more than 850,000 residents currently who consider Rehab and Madinaty the best place for high-end life and the optimal choice for investment over the last 25 years.

The group, however, was not satisfied with the great successes it achieved in these two projects, and so decided to set its sights on a new challenge last year when it announced the launch of a new vibrant city that addresses the requirements of development in the third millennium.

TMG hired the largest urban planning consultants and experts, who agreed on a project site on the opposite side of the NAC and in the heart of the first development axis in Egypt, with its giant projects, infrastructure, services, road networks, and main axes that were able to shorten the distances between the new urban extension and any other area.

According to studies, the population of the eastern Cairo axis will reach 10m people by 2030.

Noor is distinguished by its strategic location, as it is a few minutes away from the NAC with its major projects, such as the government district and its various ministries, the House of Representatives, as well as the headquarters of several banks, financial and economic institutions, and international companies, making Noor a new urban extension that leads development in that new area — the same way it did with Al-Rehab and Madinaty, which were a great leap and created an integrated life system.

Talaat Mostafa Group begins construction on Noor… Egypt’s first green smart city in eastern Cairo

Now, TMG is building Noor City on an area of ​​5,000 feddans that enjoys a smart life system ahead of its time with the latest technology and provides its residents with privacy and is equipped with an infrastructure that meets all the needs of the future and represents a new level of modern housing with integrated services amid vast green spaces and applies the latest city standards.

Talaat Mostafa Group begins construction on Noor… Egypt’s first green smart city in eastern Cairo

The internal road network in Noor city was designed to smoothen and streamline traffic for many years, in addition to managing all operation and maintenance work for the city through an intelligent control centre for management and follow-up.

The planning of Noor City takes into account environmental friendliness, sustainability, and clean renewable energy.

TMG confirmed that it is working with its utmost effort and with its full energy to bring the city of Noor to life according to the dates set in 2026, so that it can be ready for move-in from day one.

Talaat Mostafa Group begins construction on Noor… Egypt’s first green smart city in eastern Cairo
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