Health Minister follows up on health status of Egyptian pilgrims in holy lands

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Acting Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel Ghaffar followed up on Sunday on the health status of Egyptian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.

During a phone call with Amr Kandil — Head of the Preventive Medicine Sector and Head of the Egyptian Medical Mission for Hajj — the minister followed up on the rate of admission of Egyptian pilgrims to medical clinics and the availability of a strategic stock of drugs in all clinics, whether in Mecca or Al-Madinah.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar — Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population — said that the minister also followed up on the health status of the Egyptian pilgrims in Saudi hospitals to ensure that they received the necessary medical care.

Moreover, the minister directed providing awareness seminars for pilgrims to adhere to all preventive measures to preserve their safety during the performance of rituals until their return to Egyptian lands.

Meanwhile, the ministry announced the provision of detection and treatment services to 5,502 cases through the clinics of the Egyptian Medical Mission as of Saturday evening, including 3,476 cases that received services in the clinics of Mecca, and 2,026 cases in Al-Madinah.

Furthermore, three patients were transferred to hospitals in Mecca, including two in Al-Noor Hospital and one in Ajyad Hospital, with one case suffering from kidney failure, another from a stroke, and the third from stable angina pectoris.

Also, one case was transferred to Al-Madina Hospital in Al-Madinah, where she underwent surgery to fix a fracture.

For his part, Kandil confirmed the safety of all Egyptian pilgrims from any infectious diseases and the existence of full cooperation and coordination with all hospitals and the Saudi health authorities.

He added that the medical mission’s teams are also doing their periodic rounds on the residences of Egyptian pilgrims in the hotels of Mecca and Al-Madinah while organising daily seminars to educate pilgrims about the measures to be taken to protect themselves from diseases, distribute masks, and maintain their safety during the performance of rituals.

The medical mission has presented 2,732 seminars to educate pilgrims so far, including 2,578 seminars that were presented in residence rooms, and 154 seminars in gathering places in mosques, restaurants, and means of transportation for pilgrims.

The total number of beneficiaries of the seminars has reached 15,563 pilgrims.

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