Lebanese president informs US envoy of Lebanon’s stance on border demarcation with Israel

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Tuesday informed US Energy Envoy Amos Hochstein of Lebanon’s response to a proposal on maritime border demarcation with Israel.

The president also urged Hochstein for swift feedback on Lebanon’s response during the talks held at Baabda Palace focusing on ways of reaching a solution amid rising tensions between Lebanon and Israel, a statement by Lebanon’s Presidency said.

Hochstein will come back with feedback on Lebanon’s response next week, after visiting Israel, it added.

At the meeting, Aoun reiterated Lebanon’s insistence on its sovereign rights to water and natural resources.

A few months ago, Hochstein made a proposal to Lebanon for border demarcation with Israel but Lebanon did not officially agree to the proposal.

On June 5, Israel sent the Energean Power vessel to the Karish gas field, which Israel claims is within its economic zone but Lebanon says in disputed waters.

The move prompted Lebanon to invite Hochstein to discuss the potential of resuming indirect border demarcation talks with Israel.

Israel has long claimed the Karish North field as its own property, but Lebanon expanded its claim in territorial waters, which would include at least part of the oil field.

This has resulted in the halting of indirect negotiations for the demarcation of the maritime borders between the two countries.

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