Fuelin, TAQA Arabia’s Master Gas sign protocol to provide electronic payment services

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Cairo-based startup Fuelin for prepaid fuel services has signed a protocol of cooperation with Master Gas, one of TAQA Gas companies affiliated with the TAQA Arabia, the leading power distribution and integrated services company in Egypt.

Through this partnership, Master Gas will, via the Fuelin electronic application, provide electronic payment services to Master Gas customers based on an accurate and easy accounting system using the Fuelin application, which allows controlling the work system of cars and linking them with gas stations.

Tarek Al-Hawari, Managing Director of TAQA Gas Group, said: “This new partnership supports our vision of the importance of providing the best advanced technological solutions to facilitate the daily transactions of our customers in line with the Group’s efforts to diversify the scope of energy transmission and distribution services and best meet the growing needs through more than 50 stations and 13 conversion centres in prime locations. We have an ambitious plan to increase the number of stations to 108 stations by 2023 and to increase the car conversion rate to more than 8000 cars annually.”

He added: “This step stems from the interest of TAQA Arabia in the ambitious ideas that emerging companies present through which they play a vital societal role to reach development goals and achieve the state’s vision.”

Mohamed Hussein, CEO and co-founder of Fuelin, expressed his happiness to conclude this partnership with Master Gas, pointing out that it is the first step of its kind.

He added: “We are pleased with our partnership with Master Gas, and we see it as a great step that will further spread the Fuelin application. As an emerging company, we have a vision and great expansion plans that we are working to implement by concluding partnerships with various companies that own gas stations in Egypt, where we plan to reach 125,000  cars running the application, and we seek to contract with 2,000 gas stations, in addition to contracting with a participatory transportation company by the end of 2023.”

Fuelin is the first innovative application in Egypt and the Middle East for companies (transportation – logistics – participatory transport companies). The application provides secure and advanced fuel payment services to control and regulate vehicle fuel filling operations. The application also seeks to provide a clear view of company owners, managers of transportation departments and owners of gas stations about consumption rates in an organized manner, as it enables them to control the fleet of cars and monitor fuel filling operations through control panels designed with the application.

It is worth noting that TAQA Arabia, one of the Qalaa companies, is a pioneer in the energy distribution sector in Egypt, providing its services to cover the daily energy needs of more than 1.7 million customers. TAQA Arabia Group invests and operates the energy infrastructure, including the transmission and distribution of gas, the generation and distribution of conventional and renewable electricity, in addition to the marketing of petroleum products and automobile lubricants through its many car service stations throughout the country. The company also provides water treatment and desalination services to a wide range of clients. Through the operational arm of the group, Master Gas, the company operates stations for supplying cars with compressed natural gas, and centres for converting cars to work with natural gas throughout the country. In addition to the use of CNG technology to connect customers outside the natural gas network, thus becoming the first integrated services company in Egypt and the Middle East.

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