At an Egyptian-African summit

Alaa Moustafa
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Egyptian handball fans are waiting for the clash between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the final of the Handball African Cup for Clubs, which will be held on Thursday evening in Niger.

Thursday’s meeting is of particular importance for the two teams, given the popularity of handball in Egypt, which is watched by millions.

Zamalek qualified for the semi-finals by defeating Kirkos of Ethiopia 54-31 in the quarterfinals, while Al-Ahly defeated Niamey — the champion of Niger — 44-18 in the same round.

Zamalek also beat Flowers Benin and Niamey before beating Kano Pillars at the end of the first round.

Al-Ahly managed to win its first and second matches against Keroux of Ethiopia and Bosco of Cote d’Ivoire, before defeating Fab of Cameroon at the end of the first round.

Al-Ahly claimed the African Super Cup and qualified for the Club World Cup after beating Zamalek 32-31 in a match that was held last Sunday at General Seni Konchi Hall in Niamey, Niger.

The Red Devils’ line-up for this tournament includes Al-Sayed Mohamed Al-Sayed, Abdel Rahman Taha, Abdel Rahman Humaid, Omar Khaled ‘Castillo’, Ahmed Hisham ‘Sisa’, Mohsen Ramadan, Mohab Saeed, Mohamed Lashin, Osama Al-Jaziri, Abdel Rahman Faisal, Capote, Mustafa Khalil, Islam Hassan, Akassio Marquez, Mahmoud Noman, Ibrahim Al-Masry, Ahmed Adel, and Yasser Seif.

On the other hand, the White Knights’ squad includes Karim Hindawi, Mahmoud Khalil Felfel, Hisham Bassem Al-Sabki, Omar Al-Wakeel Bakkar, Ahmed Moamen Dodo, Mazen Reda, Yahya Al-Daraa, Ali Hisham, Hassan Qaddah, Ahmed Al-Ahmar, Mohamed Alaa Luka, Mohamed Al-Basiouni Modi, Seif Al-Dara, Akram Yousry, Hazem Mamdouh, Ahmed Hossam Mustafa Bashir, Mohamed Ramadan Hitler, Shadi Khalil, and Mohamed Tarek.

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