Egypt’s Irrigation Minister, WB experts discuss cooperation in modern irrigation systems

Daily News Egypt
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Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Aty met on Wednesday with a delegation of experts of agricultural economists from the World Bank (WB) to discuss ways for the bank to support programmes to adapt to climate changes in the agricultural sector and to expand the use of modern irrigation systems.

The delegation praised the water management system in Egypt, which is currently being modernised, and the efforts made to encourage farmers to switch to modern irrigation systems in Egypt, and also praised the water recycling projects that have been and are currently being implemented.

During the meeting, Abdel Aty also pointed out the great efforts of the Egyptian state to confront water scarcity by implementing a comprehensive development and modernisation process for the water system through projects to rehabilitate canals, replace and rehabilitate water facilities, and expand the implementation of water recycling and water desalination projects. 

Additionally, Egypt is also expanding its energy sector to include using solar power in irrigation projects and raising groundwater from wells in order to reduce dependence on traditional fuel sources and reduce emissions within the framework of measures to mitigate climate changes.

He also referred to the efforts of his ministry to transition to modern irrigation systems and the reflection of this transformation on farmers themselves by reducing the use of fertilisers, energy, and employment, increasing and improving crop productivity in addition to rationalising the use of water.

The minister further highlighted the great role of the awareness efforts undertaken by the ministry in achieving this transformation and converting 1.350m feddans to modern irrigation systems. 

Abdel Aty also noted that climate change is one of the most important challenges facing the world, given the clear and increasing effects of climate change on all aspects of life, especially its negative effects on water resources and the decline in food production around the world, which puts the water sector in danger.

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