Women crucial to achieving comprehensive development in Egypt: Social Solidarity Minister

Daily News Egypt
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Minister of Social Solidarity Nevin El-Kabbaj confirmed that Egyptian women play a key role in various sectors in order to achieve comprehensive development and raise awareness of climate issues and the transition towards a green economy.

She added that they also occupy leadership positions in all fields, and that the Ministry of Social Solidarity is working to enhance their economic empowerment by providing job opportunities, closing the gender wage gap, and establishing projects that contribute to achieving Egypt’s 2030 goals, vision, and strategy for sustainable development.

This came during a symposium organised by the Women’s Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt — headed by Manal Hussein — in the presence of Maya Morsi — the President of the National Council for Women.

Furthermore, the minister said that digital transformation processes are one of the important means that help integrate women into the labour market, noting that the ministry provides soft loans to female owners of small and micro enterprises, and that EGP 2.4bn have been allocated to about 360,000 micro-enterprises.

She added that the ministry is currently implementing many social protection programmes in order to alleviate poverty and support the most vulnerable groups, especially in poor governorates and villages.

The minister also pointed out the importance of the Decent Life Presidential Initiative in improving the standard of living of the Egyptian family and the quality of life of rural communities.

Additionally, El-Kabbaj emphasised the importance of achieving integration between the state, the private sector, and non-government organisations in order to achieve development goals and to prepare programmes to train women and qualify them for the labour market.

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