Egypt attends World Defense Show in Riyadh

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Egypt’s Minister of State for Military Production Mohamed Morsi attended the World Defense Show held in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, from 6 to 9 March.

During his participation in the exhibition, Morsi discussed cooperation with Raytheon Technologies to develop Egypt’s defence industries.

The minister explained that the World Defense Show represents a global platform for operational compatibility in the defence sector across the five fields of the industry which are land, sea, air, security, and satellite, presenting the latest technological developments in these fields from all over the world.

Egypt also participated in the exhibition, showcasing many advanced military products.

Morsi indicated that the participation of his ministry in the exhibition confirms the depth of relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In the beginning of the meeting with Raytheon, representatives of the company presented their most prominent products, which are specialised in defence, space, and cyber security systems.

The Riyadh-based company manufactures and assembles air and missile defence radars, high-precision weapons, command and control systems, and cybersecurity solutions, and also provides support services related to the use of these products.

The company’s representatives expressed their aspiration to open new horizons for cooperation between the company and Egyptian military production companies to enhance Egypt’s great industrial, technological, technical, human, and research capabilities.

Furthermore, Morsi visited the pavilion of American General Dynamics at the exhibition.

He indicated that there was previous fruitful cooperation between his ministry and General Dynamics in the field of joint production of M1A1 tanks.

Morsi also stressed his ministry’s interest in strengthening cooperation between its subsidiaries and international companies in various fields of military industrialisation and achieving a strategic partnership that benefits both sides.

For his part, Vice President of General Dynamics Chris Brown reviewed the manufacturing, technological, and human capabilities available in the company, noting that General Dynamics is a global company consisting of several companies with four main branches, including naval and combat systems, technical informatics, and Aviation.

He also expressed his company’s aspiration to enhance cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production, especially for developing industrial and technical capabilities. 

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