Political leadership supports enlightened religious thought: Endowments Minister

Bassant Mohammed
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Egypt’s Minister of Endowments Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa affirmed President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s continued support for enlightened moderate religious thought and adapting according to reality while preserving the honourable Sharia.

This came during Gomaa’s speech on behalf of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly at the opening session of the 32nd International Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs that is titled ‘The Social Contract and its Impact on Achieving Community and Global Peace.’ 

He said that this year’s conference aims to consolidate the foundations of citizenship at the national level and establish coexistence at the global level as well as strengthening loyalty to the homeland. 

He explained that the homeland is for all its citizens, and they are equal in rights and duties without discrimination against specific gender, religion, or colour, asserting that all citizens have a right to practice the rituals of their religion. 

The minister stressed that the homeland is not just a land we inhabit, but rather a great entity that owns us and the concept of the state is very flexible. 

The 32nd Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs will be running for two days. 

The conference includes discussions on various topics, including the development of the concept of the state, the controls of the social contract, the rights and duties within the social contract, religious tolerance, and the position of women in the state.

The conference is being held with the participation of a wide selection of ministers, muftis, scholars, thinkers, and writers from different countries of the world. 

More specifically, the conference is being attended by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdel-Latif Al Sheikh, Pakistan’s Minister of Religious Affairs Noor Al-Haq Qadri, and Jordanian Minister of Endowments Mohamed Al-Khalayleh.

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