Irrigation Minister, New Valley Governor discuss water projects in governorate

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Atty and Governor of New Valley Mohamed Al-Zamlot met on Sunday to discuss the latest developments pertaining to the water projects, and monitoring and control systems for wells in the governorate.

The meeting also addressed ways of maximising the utilisation of agricultural drainage water in the New Valley and managing it in a way that alleviates water congestion in agricultural drainage ponds and making use of this water to implement development projects.

During the meeting, Abdel Atty pointed out that the irrigation ministry has developed and raised the efficiency of equipment and cranes affiliated with the ministry within the New Valley and emphasised the ministry’s readiness to deal immediately with any emergency or periodic maintenance work for groundwater wells to ensure the sustainability of their operation and preservation.

He further added that 15 of the wells in the New Valley have been provided with self-control tools, which were also installed in 4 other wells, noting that a joint cooperation protocol has been signed between the irrigation ministry and the governorate that stipulated the installation of monitoring and control devices in 19 wells.

The wells are monitored and operated automatically in order to calculate the consumption rates for each well separately and avoid excessive withdrawal in violation of the required rates. This mechanism ensures the speed of collecting information and data with the highest accuracy and speed for decision-makers.

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