Egypt includes 15 million citizens in health insurance system

Bassant Mohammed
2 Min Read

Egypt’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Acting Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, issued a decision to include a new categories about 15 million citizens in the comprehensive Health Insurance. 

This comes within the framework of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s directives to improve the quality of life for citizens, and improving their standard of living, as well as providing health services by including all groups of Egyptian society under the umbrella of the social and health insurance system, which aims to achieve Egypt’s Vision 2030. 

The categories that were included in the comprehensive health insurance system are 6,4 million farmers and agricultural workers, and about 1,80 million citizens from business owners, in addition to 700,000 taxi and microbus drivers, and 65, 600 citizens within unregistered labor categories of fishermen, as well as 33,157 citizens who are members of professional unions including artists, plastic artists, and actors.

As Egypt is keen to support the categories of irregular workers, it was decided to include 6,2 million citizens who  work as miners, quarries, contracting, transport and shipping workers at the insurance system. 

After including about 15 million citizens that brings the total number of health insurance beneficiaries to 68,9million  citizens, with an insurance coverage rate of 68% of the total Egyptian people.

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