UNFPA, Canada delegation visits projects in Upper Egypt

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A delegation from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Embassy of Canada to Egypt has visited Qena and Luxor to follow up on the progress of youth and reproductive health activities under the “Addressing Gaps in Reproductive Health” project.

The delegation was headed by Louis Dumas, Ambassador of Canada to Egypt, and Frederika Meijer, UNFPA Representative in Egypt.

The delegation met with Governor of Qena Ashraf Al-Daoudy, and visited a women’s health club and mobile clinic where they met with service providers and learned about the family planning services offered.

The delegation was accompanied by Hazem Omar, Qena Deputy Governor, and Ismail El-Far, Head of the Ministry of Youth’s Central Administration and Youth Training.

They attended a theatre performance at the Sidi Abdel Rehim Youth Center in Qena, as part of the ongoing Community Arts Festival by the Nawah theatre group. They also attended a sports activity aimed at raising awareness about family planning by Y-PEER.

At a population awareness club inside the youth centre, the delegation met and discussed with young volunteers efforts to engage young people in developmental issues. The population awareness clubs operate in different youth centres around the country and host different awareness activities around population issues using innovative tools.

In Luxor, the delegation met with Deputy Governor Mohamed Abdel Kader Khairy, and attended a music performance by the Shamandoura group – a UNFPA initiative to employ music to contribute to changing social norms in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Etijah Youth and Development Consultancy Institute. The delegation attended another performance by the “Music for Life” initiative, which targets marginalized adolescent girls as part of the “Girls Asset Framework.”

“It is both important and refreshing for us to see efforts on the ground to reach women and girls as well as mobilize young people – all for the common goal of ending unmet need for family planning in Egypt,” Meijer said.

Dumas commented: “As Canada’s Ambassador to Egypt, I am proud to be supporting this exemplary project and to be partnering with the UNFPA. It is an excellent example of how the Sustainable Development Goals are being furthered at the local level, and it’s encouraging to see this kind of response by the governorate to population and health challenges.”

Under the “Addressing Gaps in Reproductive Health” project, the Canadian Embassy in Egypt and UNFPA work to empower women and engage men on family planning as well as address barriers women and girls face in accessing quality health services including social norms and behaviours.

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