CONNECT-PS launches CDS for software, advanced applications

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CONNECT Professional Services (CONNECT-PS), the Egyptian company specialized in information and communication systems services, has launched the Connect Digital for Integrated Solutions (CDS) as an affiliated entity specialized in the field of software and advanced applications. Hussein El Shamy will lead the company’s new business. He was chosen for his expertise in a number of international entities, including Cisco.

Mohamed Moheb, CEO of CONNECT-PS, said that during the past 10 years, CONNECT-PS has succeeded in building a distinguished brand associated with quality and craftsmanship in the field of consulting and offering information technology solutions, meeting the aspirations of customers in various sectors in the local and regional markets. It also succeeded in establishing strong partnerships and a base of clients from various sectors based on trust and joint success, which aims to smooth implementation of digital transformation projects, both in private and governmental sector institutions, and focus on enabling clients to reap investment returns on these projects.

Commenting on the new company, Moheb said that the company’s real capital is its trained and qualified human resources who provide the best applications and software solutions, expressing his confidence in Hussein El Shamy to lead the new company for success.

El Shamy expressed his happiness at being chosen in this position, stressing that he has a vision to develop the company’s software and reach it to the ranks of international companies during the next few years and to meet the needs of the local and regional markets, whether existing or new customers, and help them grow and support them in the digital transformation journey using the latest design and management methods, in addition to providing high-quality cloud products using the latest systems and applications, and partnering with global cloud computing companies.

He also indicated that there is no doubt that the future will be for software that helps the human factor to increase productivity and develop business, and not to replace it, while the COVID-19 pandemic imposed an exceptional reality.

He added that the digital transformation that the country has witnessed in the past years has not been witnessed before, especially with the interest of the country’s political leadership in the need to expedite its implementation while ensuring integration between it and the human element with the selection of appropriate solutions and systems that also end in serving the human element served by those systems.

“Therefore, today we launched Connect Digital for Integrated Solutions, which is expected to compete with international companies through its innovative solutions and applications,” he said.

CONNECT-PS received the Appreciation Award for Creativity and Future Leadership from Cisco International last year during its first participation in the innovation competition, which is organized annually by Cisco and in which major Cisco agents participate in the world.

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