Egyptian companies seize opportunities in Italy, expected agreements

Mohamed Farag
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Egyptian companies seize opportunities in Italyxpected agreements and partnerships

Rome- The Egyptian companies participating in the “Ecomondo” and “Key Energy” conference and exhibition, organized by the IEG Italian Exhibition Group, developed a strategy to reach the largest number of companies working in the field of renewable energy, waste recycling, sustainable cities and electric cars.

Companies were able to conclude agreements with Italian companies such as Sun Way Egypt, working in the field of solar energy, while several companies reached advanced stages of negotiations with European companies that participated in the exhibition, such as “Builders Engineering & Contracting Co. and “Biomix”.

Ahmed Al-Ghandour, head of Sun Way Egypt, said that an agreement has been reached with a company to purchase power transformers at a value of 2 million euros, and the supply is scheduled to take place in phases for 12 months, and the company will use them in its projects in Marsa Alam, Hurghada and Alexandria.

He explained that the company also held talks with more than 8 companies on the sidelines of the presence in “Ecomondo” and “Key Energy”, and European companies have advanced technology in the field of renewable energy.

He added that Italian companies view the Middle East and African market as a great treasure, and attract a large group of customers to see the latest technology in the field of clean energy.

He said that the company achieved a 100% growth in its business despite the coronavirus pandemic, especially that it had installed 10% of the solar irrigation market in the 1.5 million feddan project, and provided water needs to 10,000 feddans.

He stated that Sun Way is competing to implement solar energy plants in several industrial areas in Egypt, is also seeking to obtain projects in Libya, and is participating in the implementation of a project in Kenya worth 5 million euros.

Shaimaa Omar, CEO of Biomix said that she met with more than 15 companies working in the field of waste recycling, and discussions were held on the purchase of advanced systems and equipment for use in waste recycling projects.

She explained that it was agreed with some companies to send quotations for their products in preparation for agreements.

She stated that the company has implemented Biogas projects in 16 governorates nationwide, amounting to more than 700 projects, serving homes and farms.

The projects it implements depend on “agri-animal” organic waste, through which biogas is produced as an alternative to the LPG cylinders, and it contributes to reducing costs.

She added that the company aims to participate in governorates within the Decent Life initiative, and has implemented a pilot project in Minya, funded by the National Bank of Kuwait in partnership with the Bioenergy Foundation under the Decent Life initiative.

She explained that the company aims to implement two units to produce electricity with a capacity of up to 1 megawatt, and the company has developed a medium and long-term plan to implement Biogas projects.

Medhat Abdallah, CEO of Magnum Enterprise said that the aim of participating in the exhibition and conference is to learn about the latest technologies in the field of waste recycling, environmental technology, waste treatment and sewage.

He explained that the company held interviews with several European companies, and it was agreed to hold other consultations in the coming weeks.

He stated that the company is competing for projects in the New Administrative Capital, and seeks to provide the best technology and technology within the projects it is implementing, especially as it has built houses, compounds, palaces and villas.

He added that the company is currently participating in the implementation of two projects in the new administrative capital with huge investments.

Hany Abou El Azm, Chairperson of Builders for Engineering & Contracting Co. said that the exhibition includes European companies that have advanced technologies in the field of clean energy and sustainable cities, and many interviews were conducted on the sidelines of the conference and exhibition.

He explained that the company has been working in the Egyptian market for more than 30 years, and the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic have hampered the implementation of many projects. He said that the companies present at the exhibition are looking for partnerships in the field of energy, hydrogen and electric mobility.

He added that Ecomondo and Key Energy are the window of Arab and African companies on the European market, and many agreements and contracts are expected to be concluded during the coming period.

He said that the company works in the Egyptian market with many companies, including Talaat Mostafa, Sodic, Mountain View, Palm Hills and Hassan Allam.
He said that the company aims to implement two to three projects next year, at a value of EGP 50 million.

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