Wegz, Minly hold largest virtual concert in Middle East

Daily News Egypt
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Egyptian rapper Wegz staged the biggest virtual concert in the Middle East, brought to life through Minly Watch, the newest experience by celebrity-fan engagement platform, Minly.

The virtual concert, which was held last week, attracted 23,000 of Wegz’s fans across 31 countries in MENA, Europe, North America, and Asia.

It has also featured the debut of Wegz’s latest hit song, “Kefey Keda”, to his worldwide audiences.

The concert generated more than 120,000 views and resulted in a total of 61 million impressions. Additionally, Wegz-signed merchandise has shipped to VIP ticket holders in 3 different continents.

Using the second largest CGI screen in the world, and the largest in the Middle East, the technology allowed the use of computer-generated imagery to storytell Wegz’s lyrics, through immersive real-life scenes. On ground, only 100 guests were physically present, including well-known lifestyle and entertainment stars Khaled Mokhtar, Disco Misr, Bob of Sharmoofers, Nourhanne Eissa, Yaya Saadi, Hassan Gabr, and Basyouni among others.

This concert bolsters Minly Watch’s lead in the region for hosting mass live-streaming events and experiences. It is considered their launch pad for future events in the MENA region.

Minly is a platform that enables the spread of positivity from (Min) a star to (Ly) their fan, with the purpose of creating joyous and unforgettable moments through personalized experiences.

Minly is available on Android, iOS, and Web, allowing fans to connect with hundreds of superstars including athletes, musicians, and actors on the platform. The company’s founding team brings experience from leading companies including Uber, Careem, MBC’s Shahid, Emerge Technology, Microsoft, Disney, Apple, Netflix, IBM, and Vodafone.

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