Huawei Egypt continues to support its employees amid COVID 19 in cooperation with Egyptian Health Ministry

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As the nation faces unprecedented public health challenges, businesses are adapting to supporting their workforce, implementing emergency policies, and sustaining their businesses amidst economic uncertainty.

Accordingly, the health and wellbeing of staff should be at the top of every company’s agenda since the World Health Organization labeled COVID-19 a pandemic. 

As a result, the world came together to overcome it, fast-tracking development to roll out 22 certified vaccines globally. That brought a glimmer of hope for all and a restart of the global economy. 

Moving Towards Hope

The news that the Egyptian government is securing and expediting the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines to return to pre-pandemic life was much-needed good news.

It is the responsibility of every “good corporate citizen” to align with the government’s efforts to halt the pandemic. 

This call for vaccine equity aims to leave no one behind. In doing so, Huawei Egypt aligns with the Egyptian government’s efforts to ensure vaccine availability to cover everyone living in Egypt. That will put the economy back on the right track towards growth and prosperity. 

Within that framework, Huawei Egypt’s strategy aligns with the government’s to ensure the safety and health of the company’s workforce and community.  

Huawei’s Priorities

It has always been Huawei’s philosophy to be a global good corporate citizen. That was particularly evident during the pandemic, which started 18 months ago. 

Since the outbreak, Huawei as a global technology leader, was fully committed to prioritizing the health and safety of all its employees.

The company was one of the first to implement comprehensive measures to protect against COVID-19. Those include mandating protective masks and physical distancing to protect its employees’ health and wellbeing. Huawei Egypt’s strategy is to minimize the pandemic’s fallout and ensure connectivity among families, friends, and businesses.

Normalization and Boosting the Economy

The COVID-19 vaccine’s global rollout presents new hope for easing restrictions and a return to normality. However, it is not the end of the pandemic, and companies must implement further preventive measures. 

Huawei Egypt is taking the next important step to offer all its employees and immediate family members optimal protection with its COVID-19 vaccination campaign. It rolled out under the full supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Health. 

Huawei Egypt made the necessary alterations to its Smart Village premises to start vaccinating employees and their families to ensure a smooth vaccination process. It is a prelude to returning to the workplace, planning for the future, and contributing to Egypt.

“All of us at Huawei Egypt felt upbeat after knowing about our company’s collaboration with the health ministry to safeguard our families and us. I feel that there’s a robust support system for my family and me. I commend Huawei for ensuring the health and safety of their employees and their families remain a top priority and ensuring our back to work safety,” says a Huawei employee.  

That is part of its strategic plan to ensure Huawei Egypt is a “good corporate citizen,” working closely with society to return to everyday life. The company’s ultimate target is to create a safe environment for its employees and their families to return to their daily lives.  

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