Egypt’s Defence Minister witnesses activities of ‘Bright Star 2021’ military exercise

Sami Hegazi
2 Min Read

Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces and Minister of Defence and Military Production, witnessed, on Wednesday, a number of activities of the “Bright Star 2021” military exercise at several air bases in Egypt.

Zaki listened to a detailed explanation on the training activities, in the presence of all the elements participating in the training from various air bases, via video conference technology.

He also honoured a number of distinguished personnel in appreciation of their dedication in performing the tasks assigned to them during the exercise.

Zaki watched a practical training for the preparation and take-off of approximately 85 combat aircraft participating in the “Bright Star 2021” exercise at various air bases.

The training demonstrated high combat efficiency, coordination, and good understanding between the forces and the ability to carry out joint team work with extreme precision.

Zaki conveyed the greetings and appreciation of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to the forces participating in the training.

He also praised the distinguished level, technical and skill capabilities and self-confidence enjoyed by the Air Force personnel of all countries participating in the training

The training activities were attended by the Commander of the Air Force and a number of senior commanders of the Armed Forces.

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