Gahez Market’ e-commerce platform debuts in Egypt

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Gahez Market, B2B e-commerce platform, started operation in Egypt on Saturday, offering a large assortment of merchants of different products including garments, leatherware, and accessories. It also coordinates financing, shipping, and logistics services.

The platform started its trial operation in July.

Wael Alma, founder and chairperson of the Company, said that over 5,000 stores have registered on the platform so far, although the company has been in trial operation.

Some shop owners have reported that the platform represents a great value to them, as it links them to factories directly without an intermediary. Moreover, it enables them to purchase at a lower cost, and provides them with a variety of items, with the possibility of purchasing smaller quantities that help them maintain an economic stock that reduces their financial burdens.

Gahez Market enables factory owners to reach a larger customer base than traditional methods. It also solves the problem of collecting delayed sales, and relieves them of the burden of logistics. The number of Egyptian factories producing clothes, bags and shoes is estimated to be 4,200 factories, in addition to small workshops that are in greatest need of direct marketing. The website ensures the payment and collection of their sales. The volume of clothing trade in Egypt, according to what was previously announced, is approximately EGP 300bn.

He added that Gahez Market aims to expand outside Egypt starting next year. He noted Egypt has a great opportunity to grow its exports to many markets in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. However, this expansion would be difficult through traditional methods, especially with the changes that occurred in the world after the Coronavirus pandemic.

He has 23-year experience in Li & Fung Company, the largest international company in the field of international trade in clothes, shoes, and furniture.

Alma chairs and participates in several companies working in the production and export of spinning, weaving, and clothing. He is the president of the Egyptian Cotton Association, which is responsible for managing and marketing the Egyptian cotton logo, and the former head of the Industry Committee of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association.

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