Thailand’s rice exports to Egypt amount to $4.7m in 2020: Thai Embassy

Nehal Samir
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Thailand exported 2,651 tonnes of rice worth $4.7m to Egypt last year, according to Thalerngsak Vongsamsorn –Commercial Attache, Thailand Embassy in Cairo.

He added that Thailand is one of the biggest exporters of rice in the world, exporting 5.72 million tonnes in 2020 to major destination across the world, with wide variety of rice types, such as jasmine rice, plain white rice, sticky rice, brown rice, rice berry, and Thai red rice, etc.   

His remarks came during his speech in the Thai Rice Promotion Reception, on Sunday, under the campaign “Think Rice, Think Thailand” hosted by the Office of Commercial Affairs at the Thai Embassy in Cairo, at Dream Bangkok Restaurant, Hilton Pyramid Golf Resort. 

The objective of this activity is to promote awareness of Thai rice in Egypt. In this event, it also includes a live demonstration on cooking Thai rice recipes by a professional Thai chef, offering a taste of Thailand to all guests participating in this event from both government and private sectors.  The event was also attended by Terapon Bunnag – Assistant Commercial, Attache, and Attia Habib – Assistant Commercial Attache, Thailand Embassy.

During his speech, Thalerngsak Vongsamsorn –Commercial Attache, Thailand Embassy  said that the Office of Commercial Affairs is confident that this event will stimulate the popularity of Thai rice consumption and create more awareness of Thai rice in Egypt. 

He said that “Rice” and the Thai culture have always been deeply intertwined. A product of agricultural wisdom, rice has been a main source of income for over 4 million farmers’ households, or more than half the population engaged in the agricultural sector in Thailand. 

“Rice is not just a staple food for Thais, but also a highly potential export commodity which generates more than one hundred billion baht or approximately $3.5bn each year. Given unique properties and nutritional benefits, it is not surprising why Thai rice has gained popularity among consumers all over the world. Internationally renowned for quality rice, Thailand has been able to retain its position as a leading rice producer and exporter of the world,” he explained.

Thalerngsak noted that the Thai government has also developed policies and strategies for Thai rice trade and production corresponding to the objective of sustainable development.

“We aim to retain consumer trust and confidence in Thai rice, and proclaim our position as the world’s quality rice producer and exporter, as well as a major contributor to global food security. So when you think of rice, please think of Thailand and our quality rice products,” he concluded.

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