Egyptians present 13.1% of patents granted in Egypt during 2020

Hossam Mounir
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Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) has revealed that Egyptians account for 13.1% of patents granted in the country in 2020.

The data was revealed on Monday, as CAPMAS issued the annual Patents and Trademarks Bulletin for 2020. It aims to transfer knowledge and puts patents of technological information at the disposal of those engaged in scientific research and technological development. This is with a view to serve the objectives of economic and social development.

According to the agency, the number of applications submitted to the Egyptian Patent Office in 2020 to obtain a patent amounted to 2,207, including 978 for Egyptians with a rate of 44.3%. Meanwhile, a total of 1,229 applications were made by foreigners, reflecting a rate of 55.7%.

This was compared to 2,183 applications in 2019, of which 1,027 were made by Egyptians reflecting a rate of 47.0%, and 1,156 were made by foreigners, with a rate of 53.0%. 

The figures for 2021 reflected an increase of 1.1% on the figures for the previous year.

The number of patents granted by the Egyptian Patent Office in 2020 was about 495, including 65 granted to Egyptians with a rate of 13.1%, and 430 patents were granted to foreigners with a rate of 86.9%.

This reflected a 34% decreased compared to the 750 patents granted in 2019, including 175 patents to Egyptians, or 23.3%, and 575 to foreigners, or 76.7%.

The Egyptian Patent Office pointed out that 106 patents were granted according to the international classification in the field of chemistry and metals, accounting for 21.4% of the total patents granted in 2020. Of this number, 10.4% were granted to Egyptians, whilst 89.6% to foreigners. 

A total of 90 patents were granted in the field of humanitarian needs, a percentage of 18.2%, of which 28.9% were granted to Egyptians and 71.1% were granted to foreigners. 

Patents granted in the field of electricity and communications were 85 or 17.2% (4.7% to Egyptians, 95.3% to foreigners).

The US ranked first with a total of 137 patents, or 27.7%, followed by Egypt in second, with 65 patents granted to it by the Egyptian Patent Office, with a rate of 13.1%. Meanwhile, France came in third, with a total of 39 patents, or 7.9% of the total patents granted in 2020.

The number of applications submitted by Egypt to the Egyptian Trademark Office reached 18,735 in 2020, compared to 17,760 applications in 2019, an increase of 5.5%.

The Egyptian Trademark Office granted 8,324 trademarks to many countries in 2020, of which 5,274 were to Egypt and 3,050 were to other countries. This compared to 9,010 trademarks in 2019, a decrease of 7.6%.

Egypt topped the list of granted trademarks with a total of 5,274 trademarks, or 63.4%. The US came second with 991 trademarks, or 11.9%, whilst the UAE came in third with 299 trademarks, or 3.6% of the total trademarks granted in 2020.

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