Egypt’s COVID-19 treatment protocol has been updated: Health official

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The treatment protocol for treating symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been updated by adding new drugs that have proven effectiveness in this regard, according to Hossam Hosni, Head of the scientific committee to combat COVID-19 at Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population.

The update comes line in accordance with international protocols, Hosni added, speaking at a scientific webinar on the developments of the pandemic on Monday.

He explained that cases of black fungus discovered in Egypt are rare, and the disease is non-infectious but linked to immunodeficiency diseases.

Hosni affirmed the availability of antiviral drugs against the black fungus, stressing that there is no link between the coronavirus and the black fungus.

Those most susceptible to infection with black fungus are patients with immunodeficiency diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, and kidney patients who suffer from acidity of the blood.

Also affected are patients who are undergoing treatment with high doses of immunosuppressive drugs, such as cortisone or antibiotic therapy for long periods without medical supervision.

Hosni further added that the black fungus is not a novel disease, and has appeared in a very limited number of cases in previous decades. He added that most of the infections were among cancer patients.

He pointed out that the most important ways of protection against the infection with the black fungus are to maintain general cleanliness of the surrounding environment and personal hygiene.

People should also eat fresh, healthy foods that have been correctly stored, and should not use antibiotics or immunosuppressive drugs such as cortisone without medical supervision.

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