Egypt’s Al-Sisi applauds workers’ efforts in development process

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi applauded, on Saturday, the efforts made by the country’s workers in the development process.

He highlighted the “outstanding, productive efforts through work and achievements,” and the role workers have played “for promoting the process of development.”

In a televised speech, Al-Sisi marked the occasion of Labour Day by saluting the country’s workers, saying, “They are the base of this country on which we depend to change reality and build the present and future that we all look forward to.”

He asserted, “All human civilisations have risen by the support of their workers who contributed their efforts and thoughts to develop their homelands until Labour Day became a symbol of giving and sacrifice.”

Al-Sisi added that Egypt is keen on celebrating Labour Day every year to reflect its deep respect for the contribution made by workers in various fields of production. It serves to affirm their important national role in advancing the process of building and development.

“On this occasion, we affirm that the Egyptian workers are the real axis for development and strengthening our national economy,” he said. 

“The successive achievements and mega projects that have been achieved in Egypt over recent years, especially in the areas of infrastructure and urban communities, energy and other fields, are a proof of the Egyptian authentic creativity and the strong will aimed to achieve progress, build a better future and form a strong national economy and a modern industrial base to serve as an engine for this economy,” the President added. 

He also gave out assurances that Egypt’s development process is both sincere and on the right track, and seeks to achieve the best reality and decent living standards for every citizen.

Al-Sisi confirmed that Egypt has faced, in recent years, great challenges of economic, social, political, and security dimensions. 

“You may have realised that there is no way to overcome these challenges except through continuous hard work and patience regarding the outcomes,” he said, “The nations are built only by the efforts of their loyal citizens, not by wishes and slogans.”

Al-Sisi added, “I assure you that without the comprehensive economic reform programme carried by the people of Egypt, it would never have been possible to formulate radical solutions to the chronic problems of the Egyptian economy which were aggravated over recent decades without real solutions.”

The President said that the first signs of economic reform have manifested in figures that reflect the achievement of positive growth rates. He asserted that Egyptian citizens are the real heroes who made the government’s economic reform programme a success. 

Al-Sisi added that Egyptians had shouldered burdens to help restore the confidence in the Egyptian economy and put it on the right path, not only for this generation but also for the future generations of our children and grandchildren.

 He indicated that those who want to find the right place in the modern era should have the highest degree of dedication, work diligently, and strive to cope with the information revolution. This would also take into account the tremendous boom that the world is witnessing regarding innovations and applications of emerging technology.

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