Layalina Ramadan Tent helps visitors shake up routine to enjoy unique holy month

Bassant Mohammed
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The Layalina Ramadan Tent has been set up at ZED Park in Sheikh Zayed City to help visitors change their routine, and enjoy a unique Ramadan iftar and suhoor experience.

During the fasting of the holy month, the Layalina Ramadan Tent offers a five stars suhoor, with entertainment shows performed by famous singers and public figures. 

The tent’s catering partner is the Sheraton Hotel, which will be serving nine set menus and two open buffets. As part of the experience, there are also free rides on offer for the games in ZED Park, with visitors granted a free entrance for the park when entering the tent. The tent also has private parking set aside for its customers, with valet parking service. 

Layalina Ramadan Tent helps visitors shake up routine to enjoy unique holy month

For the first time, visitors can enjoy a very unique experience while eating their food in a semi island setting, inside ZED Park. The settings are outdoors in a modern decorated area. 

The visitor can also enjoy a unique suhoor feature of Donut Boats inside the lake, which will host visitors on one of the best options available for al fresco dining. 

The tent is open every day from 5:00pm to 1:00am, with a capacity of up to 1000 people on a daily basis. 

The tent presents various entertainment shows every weekend performed by popular Egyptian singers, along with other entertainment shows on a daily basis. 

Layalina Ramadan Tent helps visitors shake up routine to enjoy unique holy month

On 29 April, the tent will host the Egyptian Project band, which combines Egyptian musical instruments such as the arghul, rababa, and kawla, with Western-like beats and electronic music.

On 30 April, the tent will host Hassan Shakosh who rose to fame recently with his famous song Mahragan Bent El Geran (“The neighbours’ daughter”). 

On 1 May, the tent will host the El-Sawareekh band, the Egyptian duo who also recently found fame with their first major single Shoft Namla. They are known for their outstanding live performances in various venues.

On 6 May, the tent will host Nelly Cassius, whose sweet voice captured the hearts of Egyptians, and who has quickly ensured her name is synonymous with elegant, flawless renditions of timeless classics. 

On 7 May, the popular Egyptian singer Bosy, best known for her song Ah ya donia, will perform. 

On 8 May, the tent will host Hamdy Batshan, another popular Egyptian singer and actor who rose to fame in the 1980s, and who is best known for his song Asatuk.

This comes alongside a unique programme on offer during the Eid El-Fitr holiday, for which the schedule is yet to be announced. 

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