Egypt calls on UN to provide fair access to COVID-19 vaccines

Daily News Egypt
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The Egyptian delegation to the United Nations (UN) is promoting an initiative at the UN General Assembly to provide equitable access to vaccines against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The focus of the initiative, which is supported by several other countries, is particularly on developing and African countries. 

The UN held a special session on 26 March, in which the political declaration on fair access to vaccines was launched. The declaration was provided by 179 countries, including Egypt, to emphasise the need for international action to ensure the vaccine’s provision, as well as the technology associated with its production, to developing countries at reasonable prices. 

The declaration has also asserted the need to achieve transparency and the provision of information related to the prices, safety, and efficacy of different types of vaccines. It will also ensure that the vaccine reaches all people without discrimination.

Egypt’s permanent representative to the UN, Mohamed Idris, said that the launch of the political declaration represents a strong message from the international community. It aims for a commitment to cooperation and multilateral action through the UN, to end the pandemic. 

He said that this initiative aims to eliminate inequality between countries in access to vaccines, by encouraging vaccine manufacturers to fulfil the responsibility of providing them to developing countries. This will take place fairly through international mechanisms and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Idris added that the declaration aims to prevent the wealthiest countries from monopolising the global production of COVID-19 vaccines. It would also ensure that vaccines are evenly distributed, without ignoring developing and poor countries, particularly in Africa. 

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