SCZone reopens Al-Arish seaport after weather improvement

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The Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone) reopened the Al-Arish seaport, on Saturday, after weather conditions improved across North Sinai. 

As activities resume following the recent rough weather, the port is expecting the arrival of three ships carrying cement and salt.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has announced that unstable weather conditions are expected in Egypt over the current week. The country recorded the lowest temperature during the winter season on Wednesday, along with a cold front accompanied by wind activity.

According to a statement by the authority on Saturday, Egypt’s weather conditions will tend towards cold during the day and very cold at night in most parts of the country. The authority expects unstable weather across the country on Monday and Tuesday, particularly affecting the north and east parts of the country.

The statement warned of expected moderate rainfall across Lower Egypt, the North Coast, and Sinai, which may extend to Greater Cairo. This will be accompanied by wind activity for most of the day on Tuesday.

On Monday, the intermittent average rainfall is expected on the northwest coasts by 60%, and light to moderate rains on the lower and north east coasts by 40%. Winds will be active in the areas of the northwest coasts and South Sinai.

The Meteorological Authority expects that the wave of bad weather will reach its climax on Tuesday, with a 50% chance of intermittent rain to fall in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the north west coasts.

There is also a 70% chance of moderate rains falling on Sinai and the northeast coasts, with winds set to be active in Greater Cairo, the southern region, and South Sinai.

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