Al-Sisi addresses African judiciary challenges ahead of continental constitutional conference

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi has delivered a virtual speech before the preparatory meeting for the fifth high-level African constitutional conference in Cairo, which is set to bring together heads of African courts and constitutional councils, and to be held later this year.

During his speech which was given via video conferencing, Al-Sisi called on all participating parties at the meeting to discuss the challenges facing African judiciary. He also asked the participants to work collectively to develop common constitutional rules in a way that supports the overall vision.

He stressed the need for everyone to benefit from the digital judicial platform that was launched in previous meetings, in a way that brings benefit and good to the people of Africa.

President Al-Sisi added that the digital transformation represents a major challenge for Africa, and would negatively affect countries that do not care about this transformation.

He pointed out that Egypt has taken serious and important steps in digital transformation, and expressed his aspiration for the success of the Cairo meeting. 

“I salute the distinguished judges as the finest legal minds on the continent of Africa,” the president began his speech by saying, “Today, I invite you to discuss these challenges when you honour Egypt next June, and to consult with international experts and all relevant international bodies with technical competence in these issues.” 

He noted that there are many ethical and legal dilemmas that impose themselves on this process in many matters, including the right to obtain health services. It includes the necessary drugs and vaccinations, pricing and distribution processes, as well as the legal rules governing the processes of licensing, testing, and production of drugs and vaccines.

Terrorism impedes the march of development and stability, and thus calls for contribution through constitutional law mechanisms to eliminate this imminent danger in all possible ways, the Egyptian President said. 

He added, “I have no doubt that we all hope that these efforts will produce great benefits for all African peoples and for future generations of young men and women in our ancient continent.”

Al-Sisi noted Egypt has a comprehensive and systematic vision towards the advancement of the healthcare system and the quality of its services that it provides to all. It forms one of the pillars and goals of sustainable development, with concerned state agencies having worked to adapt the digital transformation of medical and curative services. This aims to raise their levels in accordance with the highest international standards.

Constitutions must always be subject to review and updating, in order to provide the best possible direction and guidance to peoples and societies. This takes place through their interaction with a world developing features in a rapidly changing economic, social, political and legal environment, the president asserted. 

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