Planning Ministry releases ‘Citizen Investment Plan’ for Qaliubiya in FY 2020/21

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Egypt’s Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has announced the features of the “Citizen Investment Plan” in Qaliubiya governorate for fiscal year (FY) 2020/21.

The announcement comes as part of the ministry’s continued nationwide roll-out of the citizen plan for the second year in a row. It intends to activate community participation and involve citizens in planning and follow-up.

Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala El-Said said that the “Citizen Investment Plan”is a document aimed primarily at citizens. It works to ensure their integration in the planning and follow-up processes, and includes a detailed presentation of all development indicators and projects underway in each governorate separately.

The minister added that the plan is evidence-based, and makes use of databases and performance measurement indicators in all developmental areas across Egypt. This works in a way that ensures bridging development gaps between the different governorates.

El-Said noted that Qaliubiya governorate has 301 development projects, and has been allocated EGP 9.6bn in public investments in FY 2020/21, representing 3.6% of the distributed public investments.

Regarding the sectoral distribution of public investments targeted in Qaliubiya governorate in the current FY plan, El-Said said that investments amounting to EGP 5.5bnwill be directed to the housing sector, at a rate of 57.1%.

Meanwhile, the petroleum and mineral wealth sector will be allocated investments worth EGP 994m, or 10.3%.The transport sector has been allocated EGP 822.5m, or 8.6%, in addition to EGP 512.9m to the local development sector at 5.3%.A total of EGP 375mhas been allocated to the higher education sector, at a rate of 3.9%, while other sectors will receive EGP 1.4bn at a rate of 14.6%.

The most important development goals in the petroleum and mineral wealth sector in Qaliubiya governorate in the FY 2020/21 plan, according to the report, are to deliver natural gas to 85,300 customers.

This comes in addition to converting 1,000 vehicles to ensure they work with natural gas.

The “Citizen Investment Plan” includes the most prominent features of the sustainable development plan for FY 2020/21, at the national level. It also notes the most important economic indicators for each governorate represented in the gross domestic product, the real growth rate, the unemployment rate, and the number of workers

Moreover, it includes the value of public investments directed to the governorate in FY 2020/21 plan, their distribution among the various sectors, and the number of projects under implementation in each governorate.

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