Arab League holds expanded meeting with mission heads

Sami Hegazi
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Arab League holds expanded meeting with mission heads

The Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit held an expanded meeting, on Tuesday, with the heads of the League’s missions abroad.

The meeting came as part of the General Secretariat’s efforts to develop the activity and performance of its foreign missions. It also aims to maximise the bilateral and multilateral relations that link the League with other countries, as well as international and regional organisations.

A statement issued by the Arab League General Secretariat said that Aboul Gheit directed the League’s heads of mission abroad to intensify their efforts to consolidate relations with countries and organizations.

These aim to serve the common Arab interests, as well as expand the establishment of friendly ties and cooperation mechanisms in the societies in which they work. It includes: parliaments; legislative councils; businessmen societies and associations; various chambers of commerce; think tanks and research centres; cultural institutes; media institutions; and other circles of influence and decision-making.

Aboul Gheit also stressed the importance of the role the league’s overseas missions play in following up the implementation and development of all existing plans and programmes. These come as part of institutional cooperation forums, and include ties with China, Russia, India, the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU), as well as South American countries.

He briefed the heads of the Arab League’s missions abroad about the organisation’s overall priorities and areas of focus in the next phase. He also reviewed the latest developments related to the Palestinian issue, as well as efforts to resolve the crises in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Alongside these issues, Aboul Gheit highlighted the Arab region’s role in supporting security, stability, and economic recovery across the region, notably in Sudan and Somalia.

The Arab League has 25 missions currently operating abroad, including a diplomatic mission, a centre, a liaison office and an office. These work alongside accredited or observer missions to the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna, the AU in Addis Ababa, and the EU in Brussels, as well as missions accredited to various capitals worldwide.

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