Egypt’s mobile operators to receive new frequencies within 3 months

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
1 Min Read

Mobile operators in Egypt will receive new frequencies within three months, a government official in the telecommunications sector has revealed.
The official added that the three mobile companies, Vodafone, Etisalat Misr, and WE, will receive half of the frequencies within the three-month period. This will take place provided that the rest of the frequencies are received within a year.

In the past few days, the three mobile companies signed licences to obtain new frequencies, estimated at about 80 MHz with TDD technology, and valued at $ 1.170bn.

Vodafone Egypt won a package of frequencies of 40 MHz. Meanwhile, WE and Etisalat Misr both received a 20MHz band.
Mobile companies are currently working flat out to quickly finish preparing their networks for the new frequencies, as they require the presence of advanced devices that must be available within the network first.

The new frequencies will not be delivered to the companies until they finish updating the network, to ensure the efficiency of the new frequencies.

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