Egypt summons Ethiopia’s Chargé d’Affairs in Cairo over external interference

Sami Hegazi
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Sameh Shoukry

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned, on Wednesday, the Ethiopian Chargé d’Affairs in Cairo, to provide clarifications about recent statements by the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson regarding the Egyptian internal affairs.

Dina Mufti made a televised statement on Tuesday to the Ayyubid media, in which he criticised the approach of Egypt to the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD), which Ethiopia has started building on the Blue Nile since 2011.

He claimed that Egypt had turned Ethiopia into a threat to the Egyptian people to cover up its internal problems.

The Ethiopian spokesperson also alleged that the Nile Dam would not cause water scarcity in Egypt.

Moreover, he stressed that the second stage of filling the GERD will be determined by Ethiopia only, and no external or internal developments will affect it.

Noteworthy, the GERD negotiations is set to resume next Sunday between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia. It will be the first such meeting of 2021, following a year full of disappointments regarding the dam negotiations.

The three countries involved in the negotiations have not succeeded in resolving the dispute over the Dam crisis, despite the continued talks throughout 2020. This means that they will enter the New Year with the concept of more negotiations and procrastination from the Ethiopian side to look forward to.


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