Egypt keen to enhance regional, international cooperation for industrial integration: Trade Minister

Mohamed Abdel Meguid
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Egypt is keen to enhance regional and international cooperation to achieve industrial integration with various worlld development institutions, according to Minister of Trade and Industry Nevine Gamea.

Gamea affirmed that this was being conducted in a way that contributes to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The minister’s remarks came during her participation in the virtual Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit, which is being held for the third time.

She delivered a speech on behalf of Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi during the conference, held under the slogan “Glocalisation: Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Global Value Chains”.

Gamea indicated that the Egyptian government has undertaken significant efforts to enhance industrial cooperation with many African countries, to implement joint industrial development programmes and projects.

These have come in addition to the government’s encouraging Egyptian companies to establish their presence across the African continent to implement infrastructure and logistical linkage projects. It is expected that these projects will contribute to supporting Egypt’s trade and joint manufacturing movement on the regional level across Africa.

The conference has been organised by the UAE’s Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology in cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). This year’s virtual summit is hosting 100 participants, ranging from political leaders, Ministers of Trade and Industry, and industrial sector leaders from around the world.

Gamea said that the summit represents an excellent opportunity to meet experts, industrialists and decision-makers from around the world to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences. This is aimed at supporting the industrial sector’s role in achieving economic prosperity, setting general frameworks for government policies and strengthening global cooperation.

She noted that the summit aims to shed light on the role of technologies that make up the Fourth Industrial Revolution in reshaping the industrial sector’s future. It also aims to discuss the strengthening global value chains, whilst restoring global economic activity to the post-coronavirus period.

The minister pointed out that the industrial development programmes adopted by Egypt’s government have significantly contributed to achieving many development goals. These include raising the competitive capabilities of a number of industrial sectors, especially agriculture, textile, chemicals, and plastics.

Gamea pointed out that the manufacturing sector is foremost in importance among Egypt’s industrial sectors targeted by development plans, due to the pivotal role it plays in creating new added value. It can also be used to open the way for the basic industry products to be used in new manufacturing processes.

She added that the state attaches great importance to the environmental dimensions of these industrial development plans. This aims to achieve integration and balance between economic and environmental considerations, to ensure the sustainability of industrial growth.

In this context, Gamea referred to the importance of the Partnership with Egypt Programme (PCP) implemented by UNIDO. The programme aims to create sustainable and comprehensive industrial advancement, activating the partnership with the private sector and cooperating with all development partners and international partners in implementing its industrial programme. This serves as a model to enable developing countries to advance their industries and create a better future.

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