Ahl Masr Hospital for burns to open early 2021: Founder

Shaimaa Al-Aees
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Egypt suffers from one of the highest numbers of burns-related deaths worldwide, with about 250,000 people suffering from severe burns every year. Of this figure, around 40% die due to their not being saved within the first six hours following the injury, according to Ahl Masr Founder and Chairperson Heba El-Sewedy.

The uniquely designed 200-bed Ahl Masr Hospital has been built as a specialised burns care centre, and has been divided into five units categorised according to the degree and nature of the burn.

The hospital, which provides free treatment to burn and trauma patients in Egypt, has been designed to provide those in its care with the highest level of privacy, El-Sewedy added.

El-Sewedy sat down with Daily News Egypt to highlight the hospital’s activities, and the healthcare it aims to provide.

Can you explain the Ahl Masr Hospital’s role in Egypt?

The Ahl Masr Hospital is the first and largest hospital and research centre for the free treatment of trauma and burn victims in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa.

The hospital’s main task is to bridge the gap between what society can contribute to burns victims on the one hand, and the actual needs of these patients on the other. This is possible only by calling for hospitals in general, and Ahl Masr in particular, to play a different role where the focus is on scientific research as a cornerstone.

In addition, training and development for the entire group of service providers, as well as effective social research, will ensure a greater understanding of the phenomenon of accidents in general, and burns in particular. This will allow us to find the optimal solutions for treating these cases on an individual and social level.

How many cases has the Ahl Masr Foundation treated so far?

Whilst the Ahl Masr Hospital is set to open its doors by early 2021, in the past few years the foundation has worked hand-in-hand with several hospitals across Egypt to provide free treatment for burns victims. We have managed to treat 4,000 burns victim under the supervision of the Ahl Masr’s specialised health care providers (HCPs).

What are main challenges the Ahl Masr Foundation faces?

The main challenge that we face on a daily basis is how to address the importance and severity of the burn case. Egypt has one of the highest numbers of burns-related deaths worldwide, and about 250,000 people suffer from severe burns every year. Of this number, around 40% die due to not being saved within the first six hours following the injury.

That’s why we always call for an International Burn Awareness Day, under the name “Humanity Burn Free Day”, to encourage cultural acceptance of those who suffer from life-changing burns.

What is the hospital’s capacity in terms of admitted patients?

The hospital is built over an extremely unique design that was made specially to consider social factors. With 200 beds, the hospital has five different types of admissions, categorised by the degree of the infection, and to provide the patients with the highest level of privacy.

The hospital has been built over six floors, and includes 20 intensive care units (ICUs) with separate ventilation systems to control the spread of infections.

Do you have branches outside Cairo?

In the moment, we have only one hospital in New Cairo, for which construction has almost been completed. Our goal, however, is to open another branch in Upper Egypt. The Ahl Masr Trauma and Burn Hospital will not be limited to Egyptians or Cairo residents, but will accept patients from all over the world. It boasts two heliports, to increase the speed of transferring the victims, because, as we mentioned earlier, burns victims need to be saved in the first six hours following injury.

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