HDB offers digital services compatible with all customer segments: Chairperson

Hossam Mounir
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The Housing and Development Bank (HDB) has an ambitious plan to expand its provision of digital banking services compatible with all customer segments, according to the bank’s Chairperson Hassan Ghanem.

HDB now offers HDB Net as a comprehensive electronic gateway that provides more than 15 online banking services to its customers.

Among the services provided by HDB Net are the facilities to check balances of accounts, loans, and saving vessels, as well as an indebtedness inquiry service. It also allows exporting account transactions and money transfer between customer’s individual accounts at HDB.

Customers using HDB Net can pay for personal loan instalments, and obtain a mortgage loan for housing units online.

Hassan Ghanem

Moreover, it offers an online application form for credit and direct debit cards, new loans, and credit facilities.

The new service also notifies customers of password changes for their internet banking account, besides other notifications regarding the status of multiple requests that the customer makes via HDB Net.

Additionally, Ghanem told Daily News Egypt that the bank has launched new mobile banking and retail products to attract new segments of customers. This is particularly aimed at regions that lack traditional banking services.

In this regard, the bank has launched a mobile payment service, Floussy Phone Wallet, which allows customers to undertake a range of transactions. Customers are able to instantly credit their HDB account, pay at selected merchants, receive money from any Fawry retailer, instantly transfer money from wallet to wallet, and pay utility bills.

HDB also joined the initiative, as of 1 December 2019, supporting the electronic collection of mortgage instalments through various e-payment methods.

According to Ghanem, the HDB aims, during the next stage, to continue developing plans and strategies that put the bank on the right track for digital transformation. This will also support the state’s approach to transforming Egypt into a cashless society, whilst encouraging greater financial inclusion, and attracting marginalised groups, in line with global developments.

He added that the HDB is also keen on permanent development of its performance to maintain the confidence of its customers, as it provides an integrated package of services benefiting customers in their early professional years until retirement.

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