Kenya calls for joint EU-Africa COVID-19 response mechanism

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President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday called for the setting up of a joint European Union-Africa COVID-19 response strategy.
Kenyatta who spoke in Nairobi during a virtual conference of European and African leaders on the proposed establishment of the Africa-Mediterranean-Europe (AME) Foundation said the EU-Africa COVID-19 strategy should among other interventions pursue the cancelation of debts owed by African countries.
“I, therefore, welcome with enthusiasm the proposal to establish the Africa-Med-Europe (AME) Foundation,” said Kenyatta in a statement issued after the meeting.
He said the AME Foundation will complement the existing Africa-European continental cooperation in addressing the emerging global challenges.
Former President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is championing the setting up of AME Foundation as a platform to enhance development discourse and interactions between Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe.
Kenyatta supported the proposal to establish the Foundation, saying the initiative will help inject new ideas needed to scale up collaboration between the three regions.
He said the foundation should be structured to be a robust platform for the promotion of multilateralism and inclusivity.
“In this context of inclusivity, the Foundation should also recognize the critical role of the private sector, academia and civil society,” said Kenyatta.
He said it will also be imperative for the Africa-Med-Europe Foundation to be a voice against unilateralism and be a champion in the promotion of inclusive and consultative decision-making by our continents.
Kenya president endorsed the proposal to include the setting up of the EMA Foundation as an agenda during the next AU-EU summit scheduled for October this year.
The virtual meeting was also addressed by leaders of Senegal, Niger, Mauritania and Burkina Faso.

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