‘Egypt’s Support’ coalition convenes to discuss its Senate election list

Sarah El-Sheikh
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The political alliance of Egypt’s Support, led by the Mostqabal Watan (Nation’s Future) Party, is holding an emergency meeting to discuss its unified list that will run for the upcoming Senate elections.

The meeting aims to reach a final agreement on how the 100 seats, allocated for party lists in Senate, will be divided among the coalition members. Debates among the coalition have been ongoing over the past few days regarding the number of seats that will be allocated to each party.

Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Razek, head of the Mostqabal Watan Party, said that the coalition’s unified list, named “For Egypt”, includes 15 parties and will make a qualitative leap in the performance of political parties in the coming period.

A conference was held on Wednesday by representatives for “For Egypt” list parties that will participate in the Senate elections. Representatives came from a variety of parties, including Mostqabal Watan, Egyptian Democratic Party, Homeland Defenders Party, Republican People’s Party, and the Egyptian National Movement Party.

The selection of final names was to be completed at the Wednesday conference, although the date for submitting the electoral lists to the National Elections Authority (NEA) has not been determined.

Mostaqbal Watan Secretary-General Ashraf Rashad said the unified list will include candidates from 15 political parties that have agreed to run for the 100 seats reserved for party-based lists.

Mostaqbal Watan itself is running for 40 seats in the Senate elections, the largest number for its members, and a list to include other party members.

The list of parties represented in the coalition includes: 22 seats for the Republican People’s Party; eight seats for Al-Wafd Party; five seats for the Conference Party; three seats for the El-Ghad Party; three seats for the Egyptian Social Democratic Party; three seats for the National Movement; three seats for the Modern Egypt Party; five seats for the Coordination Committee of Party’s Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP); three seats for the Reform and Development Party; and 40 seats for Mostaqbal Watan Party; and three seats for Justice Party.

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