President Al-Sisi ratifies laws on political rights, Senate, parliament elections

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi approved, on Thursday, draft laws governing legislative elections, including a law on the Senate’s formation, amendments to parliament, and on the Exercise of Political Rights, local media reported.

The Senate law states that two-thirds of the chamber will be elected in a secret direct ballot through a closed-list system and individual system. The remaining third will be appointed by the president. The law states that each senate’s term will last for five years.

The law also stipulates that women should have no less than 10% of Senate seats.

Meanwhile, the amendments to the House of Representatives Law includes that parliament should have 568 members instead of 540.

A total of 50% of Members of Parliament (MPs) will be elected via the individual system, with the remaining 50% to be elected through the closed list system. The president shall be authorised to appoint no more than 5% of the total number of MPs.

The article also stipulates that 25% of the total number of the House’s seats shall be reserved for women.

Meanwhile, Article 4 of the amended law states that the individual candidacy system shall be implemented in a number of electoral districts. The closed list system will be applied in four districts, two of which will elect 84 MPs with the remaining two electing 200 MPs.

The amendments to the laws on the Exercise of Political Rights and the Performance of the National Election Committee (NEC) state that the NEC shall decide on appeals filed regarding election results within 24 hours. In doing so, it shall observe the requirements of integrity, neutrality and fairness of the ballot process.

The final drafts of the laws governing legislative elections were drafted and submitted to the House of Representatives for a vote in June by the parliamentary majority Support Egypt coalition.

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