Public transport companies request support against Covid-19 fallout

Daily News Egypt
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The Public Transport Authority signed a contract with the Ukrainian City Transport Group for the supply of 290 natural gas-fuelled buses in the Cairo Governorate with fund of EGP 500m. (AFP Photo)

Public transport companies have called for an emergency package to support the sector in the face of the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) repercussions, as was the case for other sectors.

In a memo submitted to the Public Transport Authority, transport companies described themselves as the most harmed by the pandemic and accompanied precautions, particularly the night-time curfew. The reduced working hours have knocked the companies back with huge financial losses that made their 2020 plans difficult to achieve.

The companies have lost over 75% of their revenues due to the government’s precautionary measures, alongside the suspension of schools and the tendency to reduce the number of employees working in office, which all affected the size of daily commuters.

Public transport companies added that despite the conditions harming the state, they still look to honour their role towards passengers. This comes despite the smaller numbers using public transport over the recent period, with the companies looking to expand their activities and keep their workers employed.

The companies said their most important demand was an exemption from fees monthly paid to the Public Transport Authority, and other charges until the end of this difficult period, which may take up to six months.

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