L’Oréal Egypt offers €16,000 for Egyptian PhD, postdoctoral female researchers

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
1 Min Read

L’Oréal Egypt gives great attention to entrepreneurship programmes in Egypt, offering support whether in technical, training, marketing, or financial terms, said the company’s Corporate Communication Manager Nahla Mokhtar.

She told Daily News Egypt that the company supports Egyptian women pursuing PhD or postdoctoral studies through L’Oréal’s Women for Science programme. PhD researchers are eligible for €6,000, while postdoctoral researchers will receive €10,000.

The company launches a competition within Egyptian public and private universities to determine the best ideas to be chosen by the parent company to compete internationally.

Mokhtar said that over the past 21 years, one Egyptian woman won internationally, while six others won locally.

She said that the selection of the winning team in Egypt will be announced in April, and the worldwide competition takes place in May of every year.

L’Oréal is among the three largest companies operating in Egypt in the cosmetics sector, according to Mokhtar. She added that the company exports about 85% of its products.

The company has a cosmetic factory in 10th of Ramadan city with investments of 50m, producing about 13 different products.

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