Education ministry denies evacuating schools due to COVID-19

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GIZA, EGYPT - OCTOBER 30: Egyptian students are seen during a lesson at the class of a primary school, where nearly 2 thousand students get education, in Baragil neighborhood of Giza, Egypt on October 30, 2014. Head master of the school complains about the crowded classroom sizes, reaching up to 70, lack of the desks and other impossibilities. Formal education, at every level, is provided freely at state schools in Egypt. Downswing due to the ongoing 4-year unrest, Egypt tries to overcome many difficulties and uncertainties. (Photo by Mohamed Hossam/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Egyptian Ministry of Education and Technical Education disclaimed on Wednesday false reports of a four-week school cancellation due to the COVID-19 fears.

The statement issued by the cabinet said the reports published on social media were false, asserting that all Egyptian schools were free of the virus, however schools will continue to take all preventive measures to confront any infection.

The cabinet added that the preventive measures include raising the level of readiness, and alerting all schools of the national preventative and treatment plans for the virus, as well as carrying out general hygiene procedures within schools, supervising infection control procedures, paying attention to the healthiness of the school environment, and proper classroom ventilation.

The ministry explained that the evacuation process, is a routine  process conducted by the ministry for one hour only to spread awareness among students and teachers on how to deal with any potential emergency.

“The evacuation training in schools aims to prepare the students on how to calmly and properly handle any crisis and safely exit the school without a stampede, and is according to the evacuation plan prepared by schools,” said the statement.

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