Embassies of Chile and Spain organise an event at the Cervantes Institute on the occasion of COP25 in Madrid, under the presidency of Chile

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On the occasion of the twenty-fifth Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP25) that is being held in Madrid under the Chilean presidency, the Embassies of Chile and Spain will organise on December 11 an event at the Cervantes Institute.

The event will be chaired by the Ambassadors of Spain and Chile who will present it. After the introductory words a short video will be screened, followed by a colloquium in which an expert from UNDP, a representative of the EU Delegation in Egypt and a representative of the Egyptian Ministry of Environment will participate. 

UN COP 25 is taking place in Madrid, Spain from 2 to 13 December 2019. Countries will negotiate more ambitious plans to limit global warming to 1.5°C, in line with the Paris Agreement.


 Why is it so important?

The next 14 months are critical for global efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions, which hit a record high in 2018. Under the Paris Agreement, governments agreed to update their climate plans by 2020.

Climate Emergency


 Climate science is clear: the world faces a massive ecological and humanitarian crisis. The climate emergency is the defining and most urgent issue of our time, and it cannot be avoided without a global shift away from fossil-fuel dependency.

Climate Plans


 Countries are scheduled to update their climate plans and boost their ambition by 2020 in line with the Paris Agreement. COP 25 is a moment to ensure they are aware of the 2020 calendar and start doing their homework.

Loss & Damage

 The costs of loss and damage linked to climate extremes are rising every day. However, there has been little global progress in finding a way to pay for these. COP 25 will be a pivotal moment to review the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage and start implementing a just mechanism to improve the climate resilience of those most in need.

Carbon Markets & Non-markets


 Article 6 of the Paris Agreement is supposed to clarify how a global emissions trading system will function, but countries have not yet agreed on how to implement it. A fair carbon market would prevent double-counting of emissions and could help boost climate action globally. COP 25 is the last decisive moment for countries to agree on this before 2020 when the Paris Agreement will be implemented.

Who will participate?

COP 25 will bring together heads of state, climate officials, non-governmental organizations, youth groups and local movements and other non-state actors to respond to the climate emergency.

Chilean Presidency

Carolina Schmidt, Chile’s Environment Minister, was formally elected President of the COP. She reminded delegates that work needed to be taken forward at COP25 which can then be captured in improved national climate action plans under the Paris Agreement next year

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