Parliament approves draft to amend Terrorist Entities law

Fatma Lotfi
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The Parliament approved on Sunday a draft law to amend law No 8 of 2015 on organising terrorists and terrorist entities -commonly known as the Terrorist Entities Law. 

The draft which was submitted by the cabinet aimed to amend Article No 5 of the law which stipulates the exemption of public prosecution from the costs of publishing the decrees of enlisting terrorists or terrorist entities and the decree of the extension of the listing period itself as well as the decision of publishing the name of the terrorists or the terrorist entitles in Egyptian gazette. 

Earlier in October this year, the parliament referred the draft to a joint committee of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee and Defence and National Security Committee to address the proposed amendments.

Law No 8 of 2015 went into effect after it was ratified by President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and was published in the official Gazette on February 2015.

The law obliged the public prosecution to establish two lists, the first is named “the terrorist entities list” and the second is “terrorists’ list” where specialist courts decide who or what to include on the list. 


“The terrorist entities list” includes associations, organisations, groups, cells, or other gatherings that were established with purposes to use violence, incite fear, or put the lives or rights of individuals at threat or obstruct the public authorities from doing their jobs or any attempts to disrupt the provisions of the constitution and laws. 

The “terrorists’ list” will enlist any individual who commits, attempts, threatens, or plan to commit a terrorist crime whether they are inside or outside the country.


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