Silicone 21 to focus on overseas expansion and government projects during 2020

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Silicon 21 shareholding company, a specialist in providing technology solutions, and agent for Canon and Cisco products in Egypt, is to focus on external expansion in the coming period, especially in Libya and Sudan

Hazem El Sharabasy, chairperson and CEO of Silicon 21,  said that the decline in the dollar contributed to the growth of sales in the technological solutions market, especially during the current quarter of the year.

He stressed the company’s focus in the expansion of projects implemented for the government, as the company is working on projects in the New Administrative Capital (NAC) and in the New Alamein city.

How does your company see the importance of Cairo internet and communications technology (ICT)?

Participating in this year’s Cairo ICT exhibition is a unique opportunity to deliver a message to all visitors that the company offers integrated value added services to its customers.

It is an umbrella that groups telecommunications, technology, and other sectors under one roof. The company offers new solutions for brands in the Egyptian market.

What are the main themes of your plans for next year?

We aim to focus next year on providing technology and software solutions for network security and security solutions for surveillance cameras. We are also currently working with one of the specialised companies in insurance programming to offer integrated technological security solutions.

Silicon 21, includes about 400 employees, and has four other entities working under its umbrella. It plans to expand its services within Libya and Sudan next year through branches and distributors. The company’s new year strategy will focus on expanding into African countries and the Middle East.

We will also focus on projects in the government sector, with the help of our distributors, which is about 20 distributors in various governorates.

We also plan to launch an electronic platform to sell closed circuit television (CCTV) products and network software solutions in agreement with Cisco International Communications Solutions.

What is your market share of services provided by the company?

In general, we account for a high percentage of the networking market for the government sector in partnership with Cisco, and this percentage increases year after year, especially in the private sector.

As for Canon product sales, our market share is 68%, with a growth rate of 22% this year, compared to last year.

As an agent, the company also acquired 45% of Canon sales in the domestic market of widescreen printers in 2018.

For Canon products, what are your plans for the new year?

We will focus on three main themes over the next year: increasing the volume of business of large digital printing machines and wide printers by covering all price segments. We intend to expand into the markets of Central and East Africa (COMESA) with the support of their trade agreements.

Are there projects implemented by the company within the national projects currently being implemented?

The company is currently working on implementing projects in the NAC as well as in New Alamein city, in addition to other projects in other sectors including banks, hotels and telecommunications.

How do you see the impact of the dollar depreciation on the market?

The depreciation of the dollar exchange rate in banks contributed to a decline in some product prices in addition to stimulating sales movement in the market during the last quarter of this year.

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