After a landslide win … Ahmed Ismail wins 6th of October club elections

Alaa Moustafa
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Member of the Board of Directors of the 6th of October Club, Ahmed Ismail won about 3830 votes for the club’s chairmanship, the highest number of votes in the club’s elections held on Friday.

Ismail expressed his pleasure with overwhelming confidence from the members of the General Assembly, noting that he will make every effort to achieve the aspirations and dreams of the club’s members during the upcoming period.

Ismail stated that he aspires to achieve a real addition to the club, away from false promises, pointing out that 6 October Club is his second home. He expressed that he will not fail its members, adding that he will provide all means of comfort and luxury in addition to upgrading various sports activities in the club.

Because of his work as a doctor specialising in the field of nutrition and obesity treatment, Ismail explained that he seeks to develop a comprehensive programme in the club to fight obesity and promote exercise within the framework of the government’s initiative to bring about a more fit generation.

He stressed that the treatment of obesity in the community is not borne by the Ministry of Health alone; the responsibility of this file must be taken by all sectors in terms of awareness of proper nutrition and exercise, especially for students.

It is worth mentioning that Ismail has won the world championship more than once in speedball.

The assembly of the October 6 Club Council was as follows: Abdel Nasser Khattab as the Club Director, Hossam Younes as Deputy chairperson, and Mohamed Fawzi secretary of the fund.

Over-age members include Ahmed Ismail Ahmed Garhi, Ashraf Hussein, Khaled Ghunaim, and Mohamed Mahmoud Osama Jaafar. Under age members include Omar Hegazy, Ahmed Rabia, and Aya Ali.

The 6th October Court had decided to execute the verdict of the case of the Olympic Committee versus the 6 October Sports club’s board of directors, where it was ruled that the board of directors would be dismantled. The lawsuit was submitted by persons excluded from running in the last elections.

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